Websites do need sub-editors

“We’re a website. We don’t need sub-editors.”

I’ve heard that, and similar, comments from editors and writers of online publications on a few occasions.

I don’t know whether these people think a sub-editor’s skills are only of use in a print publication; they believe that the an online publication’s ability to instantly publish corrections means they don’t need sub-editors; or if they simply don’t understand what a sub-editor’s role involves.

So, for those online editors who are unsure what a good sub-editor can do for them, read this story taken from the website of the Irish Independent newspaper.

Article from Irish Independent

One of the duties of a sub-editor is to check facts, such as times, dates and people’s names. This to ensure information in an article is correct before it is published.

After all, you wouldn’t want to publish a story that mixed up an award-winning travel writer with an award-winning actress, would you?

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