Working with Richard

Proofreading marks example by volkspider
Proofreading marks example by volksider (CC BY 2.0)

Working as a sub-editor and copy editor in print and online publishing for more than 16 years has enabled me to develop a broad set of skills, in addition to my excellent editing and writing abilities.

I see editing as a way of adding extra value to writers’ works, without taking the spotlight.

As a sub-editor, I work within editorial teams to ensure their publications’ articles are free of error, legally sound and meet commercial expectations

As a copy editor, I see my role is to form a partnership with the writer, to ensure their work is as strong as it can be, while keeping the work in line with their publisher’s needs and editorial policies.

In addition to pure subbing and layout sub-editor roles, I have led teams of subs and reporters in chief sub-editor and news editor roles.

My clients and employers include major magazine and online publishers, including News International and Euromoney, whose publications cover subjects as varied as home entertainment technology, video games and gaming culture, the financial industry, and current affairs.

If you would like to discuss hiring me, please send an email using this contact form. Alternatively, you may phone me on (+44) 07378 351055 or Skype me at richard_cosgrove.