Client Confidentiality

LAST UPDATE: 21 June 2017

This page sets out the policies regarding the confidentiality of information supplied between and communications of Richard Cosgrove of 483 Green Lanes, London, N13 4BS (trading as RC Editorial and Richard Cosgrove Editorial Services) and the contracted “Client” (a business or individual specified in a quote or commission).

File storage

Files sent to Richard Cosgrove are secured on primary and local backup hard drives protected by 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Files are also uploaded and stored using the Dropbox service. Details about the security protections Dropbox offer, please follow this link.

Destruction of digital information

Due to UK publishing and defamation laws, Richard Cosgrove reserves the right to maintain archives of work files and communications for six (6) years.

Locally stored files are deleted from local machines and archived within 30 days of client agreeing the commission is completed and final payment is received.

Archived files are stored using 256-bit AES encryption.


Records of communications (including but not limited to phone calls, letters and emails) between Richard Cosgrove and the Client are treated as confidential and not for distribution.

Richard Cosgrove reserves the right to disclose and share information and files supplied by clients to others if required to complete the commission in line with normal work purposes. This includes and is not limited to subcontractors, online services, and client’s colleagues.

Confidentiality and law enforcement

Richard Cosgrove reserves the right to surrender communications and material (including digital files) supplied between himself and clients with lawyers, law enforcement, courts and similar bodies (including and not limited to inquests and public enquiries) upon production of a valid warrant and/or subpoena.

If no valid warrant and/or subpoena is provided, material shall only be shared with the Client’s express written permission.